Juice Fasting in January - NO!

If you are considering juice fasting in January, think again. The energetic quality of Juicing is cold. With all the best intentions of cleansing the body it is a mistake and could deplete you for the rest of the year.

Cleansing at this time of year should be with clear hot soups, green tea and rest. A plain diet of rice vegetables and chicken would also cleanse the system.

To really clean your system starting the day with an infusion of fresh grated ginger and fresh grated turmeric with a lemon squeezed into it warms and cleanses you digestive system and your tubes.

January should be a a time of reflection and rest and meditation to balance the parties, and abundance of Christmas period, but do not mistake this for fasting. Fasting should be done in the Spring to cleanse the body properly and shed extra pounds gained to keep you warm through the Winter. PLease wait until then to juice fast. You will thank me in future.

Happy holidays to all!

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