Detox Gently, but Effectively!

Detoxing makes you feel fabulous and helps you slip happily into your Bikini.

Before you do anything you need to prepare.....

Start by only drinking water, but 3 litres a day, everyday.

Find an organic grocers and butchers so you can eat clean food.

Invest in a detox Supplement "Coconut and Spirulina capsules" and Apple Cider vinegar.

Say goodbye to caffeine, sugar, sugary drinks, ice cold food, fried and pre-prepared food.

Do this Daily

  • Apple cider vinegar in warm water with Coconut and Spirulina Capsules

  • 30 minutes of your chosen exercise - ie walking, cycling, yoga, gym workouts

  • cold shower

  • dry skin brushing

  • moisturising

  • Eat healthy non processed or packaged food

  • 3 Meals - organic vegetables, plain rice/quinoa and a little lean meat

  • Snack only if you are hungry - nuts, seaweed, miso soup or fruit

After a month swop "Coconut and Spirulina" for good gut health supplements.

Best results happen if you follow this as a lifestyle choice throughout the Summer....

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